Travel Thailand Trat Province.
Welcome to Trat, one of Thailand most iconic travel destinations and home to an amazing array of sights, activities and events. Even first time visitors to Trat will quickly be enthralled by how fun and fascinating Trat really can be. For those looking a glimpse of the real Thailand, or just a fun night out, Trat mixes old world charm with a modern and vibrant night life. Click the general information links below for further information.
           Trat is the name of both a province and its provincial capital situated in the east of Thailand, close to the border with Cambodia. The city is often used as a stop-off point for those travelling to Koh Kong in Cambodia, while other visitors come for the provincial islands such as Koh Chang and Koh Kood.
           In whatever capacity you choose to visit the province, you can be sure that you’ll find plenty of attractions and activities to occupy your time. The centre of Trat city is quiet and relaxing and a good launch pad from which to visit local beaches such as Ban Hat Lek and Hat Ban Chun as well as cultural sights such as temples and historic buildings.
           Koh Chang, the second largest island in Thailand, is the gem of Trat province. While large-scale commercial development is occurring here at a rapid rate, there are still plenty of unspoilt areas. Even in the large upmarket resorts, there’s little that can detract from the beauty of the ocean views, making the island a winning holiday destination.
           Koh Kood is smaller than Koh Chang and significantly less developed, making it an ideal destination for anyone looking to capture a deserted island paradise ambience. Koh Mak is more remote still, and the smaller islands of Koh Kradad and Koh Kham are as quiet and tranquil as it gets.
           The centre of Trat town caters well to visitors in terms of accommodation, although establishments lean more towards budget and family travellers. Koh Chang has a good supply of upmarket resorts along its west side, with Sai Khao Beach and Kai Bae Beach among those with the best selection.
           From Bangkok, Trat can be reached by taking a flight to the small domestic airport in Trat city or by taking the bus from the Eastern or Northern bus terminals. Koh Chang and the other islands are reachable by ferry only; there are piers at Laem Ngop from which several daily crossings
are made.
        The Trat province experiences a tropical climate, with both temperatures and humidity reaching high levels throughout the year. The dry season, lasting from March through May, is the hottest period and sees the mercury regularly hitting the high 30s (°C). This season can be uncomfortable for anyone not well-adjusted to the heat.
           The coolest season and the most popular time for visitors is the period lasting from late October through early March. Things are still steamy at this time, however, and temperatures can easily reach 30°C by midday. Nights and early mornings are somewhat cooler, but a long way from being cold.
          The wet season occurs between the hot and cool seasons and sees high temperatures, extreme humidity and regular rainfall. It’s feasible to visit Trat at this time of the year provided you are prepared for the odd downpour and can deal with the constant stickiness. Boat services to the islands are often disrupted during this season, however

  Koh Mak (Trat)  
  Koh Change (Trat)
           Being a part of Koh Chang National Marine Park in Trat Province,Koh Chang,named by its elephant-like shape,is Thailand’s second largest island and one of the most popular destinations for those who love the sea.It consists of no less than 50 unspoiled islands isolated offshore from Trat mainland.Most of the area on Koh Chang is covered by unblemished tropical rainforest, mountains and some plains that make Koh Chang the place with variety of distinguishing nature to explore.Not only beautiful scenery of beaches on Koh Chang,such as Haad Sai Khao,Haad Kloag Plu and Haad Kai Bae has attracted visitors,but waterfalls such as the famous Klong Plu Waterfall have also drawn attention of many people to go there.Thus Koh Chang is a perfect place for both sea lovers,who may enjoy swimming or sunbathing on one of these wondrous beaches,or even fishing,sailing,or snorkeling at nearby islands,and forest lovers,who may enjoy trekking,hiking or swimming at one of many waterfalls set amidst lush jungle.There’re other adventurous activities waiting for tourists to experience such as kayaking ,canoeing ,scubadiving , oreven watching fireflies along Klong Plu Canal.In addition to natural beauty, the island is also home to a wide range of wildlife,including native birds,snakes, deer,and even a number of elephants.
              For visitors,Koh Chang is convenient in every aspect.There’re awide range of accommodations from low budget to luxury ones,local residences to international chain hotels located on Haad Sai Khao,Haad Klong Plu,Haad Kai Bae,Haad Kai Mook, Haad Ta Nam, and Laem Bang Bao, all of which are linked by a single road running down the west coast.
                Koh Chang also offers a variety of bars and restaurants for tourists from every parts of the world. Like Pattaya,cuisines here are internationally from European and American to Asian and Authentic Thai dishes,especially seafood at Bang Bao Fishing village which is really a must for everyone. There’re night pubs,café, and convenient stores opening around the clock to meet everyone’s satisfaction. If you feel like releasing your tension, there’re spas and massages to ease you and you’ll be relax afterward.Life expense on Koh Chang is considered reasonable despite its location off the coast that makes it the perfect place to spend on holidays.
                Except rainy season during May to October,the weather is sunny and clear that visitors can go to there any time of the year . Going to Koh Chang is simple by bus from Ekkamai Bus Terminal or daily flight from Suvarnabhumi Airport directly to Trat Airport where there’s shuttle bus  waiting for passengers to the pier at Laem Ngob taking only half an hour.If you drive,four hours off Bangkok will take you to the pier where you can just simply take your car on ferry departing every hour all day.If you go by bus or airplane but feel like driving on the island, as the route is quite a long distance,you may go to any car rents on the island and choose one of your preference.

Koh Kood (Trat)
Southward of Koh Chang is location of Koh Kood, aLess developed and quieter island covered almost entirely with domestic forest coconuts and rubber trees.It’s another beautiful island in Trat Province that has a number of gorgeous sandy beaches with crystal clear water which make Koh Kood an unspoiled island perfect for a peace ful holiday.
            Relaxing is an activity most visitors expect to do on the island due to its unblemished nature and local lifestyle.Snorkeling or exploring the beaches and its jungles are the activities for those who desire more adventurous. On some of those days on the island,one may take boat trips to nearby islands for sightseeing , fishing,and scuba diving.There is a small fishing village located at Ao Salat in the Northeast of the island where visitors can have an opportunity to experience the island’s local culture.
             Recent development of accommodations on Koh Kood has focused on attracting visitors from middle and upper market who are lured by the island’s beauty and tranquility.Trips to Koh Kood can be made around the year except in the rainy season between May to October,which may has rain on some days.Both 4-5 hours slow boats and one hour speedboats from Laem Ngob and Dan KaoPier in Trat  Province provide boat shuttle service to the island. However ,visitors may find it more comfortable since many resorts have their own boat service included in the trip packages.