Travel Thailand Nakhonsawan Province.

“Nakhon Sawan” is located in the lower north of Thailand. It was an ancient city and had many names such as Muang Phra Bang, Muang Chontawan, and Pak Nam Pho.
         Nakhon Sawan assumed that started when Sukhothai was the capital by the name appeared in the tablet called “Muang Phra Bang” due to one of the important Buddha image, “Phra Bang” that was temporarily located in this city and in the Rattanakosin period, King Rama I.
The origin city was located in the west of Chao Phraya River behind Pak Nam Pho Market and it faced to the east so it named “Chontawan” because the sunlight shine to the city gate. Later on the land on the eastside reach out to the river that made the citizens lack of water, so the citizens migrated to the east bank down south from the old city about 8 kilometers.
         After that the name of the city has changed to “Nakhon Sawan” for the prosperity, but people prefer to call it “Pak Nam Pho”. The origin of the words “Pak Nam Pho” comes from a big Pho tree at the mouth of a river. Or it is the place where four rivers Ping, Wang, Yom, and Nan join together. In the reign of King Rama VII, there was a government administration legistation. (1933).


  Wat Kiriwong (Nakhonsawan)  

   Bungborraped (Nakhonsawan)  

   Wat Chansaen (Nakhonsawan)