Travel Thailand Chonburi(Pattaya)Province.
is in itself a very unique phenomenon. It is an important province of Thailand and has its location at the Bay of Bangkok. Chonburi’s history also takes into account the neighboring provinces of Chachoengsao, Chanthaburi and Rayong. To the west is the Gulf of Thailand.
           The history of Chonburi is primarily related to the agrarian economic conditions since the land was fertile and meant for the agricultural purposes. It was until the period upto 1960 that Chonburi was a fishing village and it was during the Vietnam War that the American paramilitary troops found convenient base and that it became a popular location and gradually started growing as a tourist destination. There are the other important Chonburi attractions that form the charm of the city of chonburi and has the history of Chonburi behind it related in one way or the other. The other aspect of the history and culture of Chonburi you will come across in your tour to Chonburi are the historical attractions in Chonburi that have the old architecture of Thailand and have a subtle touch of the Chinese as well as European style of architecture. According to a legend the history of Chonburi has the provincial seal that displays the hill on which a holy joss house is having its location. The local have a firm belief that the mountain’s spirit guards the fishermen from any sort of impending harm or danger.
About Pattaya, Thailand (Chonburi)
The history of Pattaya. Known as "The Rivera of Thailand" Pattaya, Chonburi, Thailand started life as a small, insignificant fishing village. Pattaya's name originated from the march of Phraya Tak (later King Taksin) and his followers from Ayutthaya to Chantaburi (near the coast by scuba diving paradise Koh Chang).
             When Phraya Tak's army arrived at the vicinity of what is today's Pattaya, he encountered the troops of Nai Klom who tried to intercept him. But when the two leaders met face to face, Nai Klom was awed by Phraya Tak's dignified manner and his army's strict discipline. And he surrendered without a fight. The place the two armies confronted each other, was later called Thap Phraya, which means the Army of the Phraya. This was changed to Phatthaya / Phattaya (Pattaya), which happens to mean the wind blowing from the southwest to the northeast at the beginning of the rainy season.For the past centuries, Pattaya was a small fishing village almost cut off from the outside world. But a big change occurred on 29 April1961 when the first group of about 100 American servicemen who would join the Vietnam War arrived in Pattaya for relaxation. Soon, the sleepy Pattaya became Thailand's premier and most successful Thai beach resort which annually attracts hundreds of thousands of pleasure-seeking visitors. Fishermen's huts along the beach were replaced by a full range of accommodations from super deluxe hotels to bungalows and mini-pocket guesthouses. Fishing vessels were adapted to become tourist boats. And the quiet powdery golden beaches are frequented by swimmers, scuba divers and sunbathers from various parts of the world. Places of night time entertainment have also sprung up and are popular among international tourists.
             Two out of three tourists who come to Pattaya extend their stay. People come to Pattaya and Jomtien and they don't want to go back home. There is a large expat community here because of this. It's a great place to live because of the lack of meddling laws and the relative cheap prices of goods and food. Phattaya is a highly desirable place to live, work (scuba dive work maybe), relax or dwell. The sun always manages to shine in Pattaya.


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