Travel Thailand Chachoengsao Province.

Chachoengsao is located on the bank of the Bang Pakong River. The town was established in the year 1549 during the reign of King Maha Chakkraphat of Ayutthaya and originally used as a centre for armed force recruitment. During the reign of King Maha Thammaracha, the kingdom was in a weak condition due to being defeated by the Burmese. Phraya Lawaek, the Khmer king located Thai people from several towns including Chachoengsao to be his work force.
            Chachoengsao is commonly called "Paet Riu", such a name is derived from large sized fish locally caught in the past. The town is some 100 kms. east of Bangkok occupying an area of 5,351 square kilometres. Its area is a low basin rich in rice fields, fish farms and fruit orchards.

  Wat SothornWararam  (Chachoengsao)
The revered temple Wat Sothorn it is known locally has a fascinating backstory from the Ayutthaya period,Legend has it that there were three bronze cast Buddha images floating down from Prachin Buri,and they appeared at the temple grounds.After seeing this spectacle, the villagers tied the three images with ropes and tried to pull them out of the water. However,they failed and the three images continued their course downstream.Then a wise man built a small ceremonial shrine, and captured one of the images,enshrining it at the current temple location.Many believe the statue will cure terminalillnesses after drinking the temple’s herbal medicine that is prepared from flower petals collected around the statue . Others come to seek favors,including financial wealth and fertility from the lanna-style Buddha image. Appropriate attire is required due to the religious significance of this temple.