Travel Thailand Kanchanaburi Province.
Kanchanaburi,or the land of gold,is atourist destination for its waterfalls,caves,national parks,river,forests, and many large reservoirs.It played an important role in Ayutthaya and World War II period which many memorable places still attracts many travelers whose purpose is either to visit historical sites or explore beautiful nature.Kanchanaburi consists mainly of mountains and high plains,some of which are natural border between Thailand and Myanmar.The mountain originates the two most important rivers Maenam Khwae Noi(Little Kwai River) and Maenam Khwae Yai (Big Kwai River),which form the famous Maenam Mae Klong.As a result of these rivers and three large reservoirs,Kanchanaburi features several of country’s most famous waterfalls as well as a number of wildlife sanctuaries.
                  Thus,many visitors go there to experience rafting,canoeing,fishing,trekking,bird-watching,elephant riding and jungle trekking, or even living in a bamboo raft.For history lovers,the Three Pagodas Pass is a place one shouldn’t miss as once the Burmese passed there to beat Ayutthaya centuries ago and later during World War II the Japanese built a railway through the pass using forced labor,including westerners, later known as the Death Railway.The rail includes the most famous bridge crossing the Kwai River where the exciting light and sound shows are held every year in December.Nearby the bridge are monuments including an Allied War Cemetery and a war museum where many relatives of those buried here come to pay a visit every year.Kanchanaburi is easily accessible by road or rail,which takes only 3 hours. For rail,one may find it’s more enjoyable to take a day trip that operates on weekends and public holidays.